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Caring for Your New Clothes

Washing Instructions:
Although all clothing is pre-shrunk, it is very important to take precautions when washing and drying your clothing. It is not always necessary to wash your new clothing before you wear it. You need only to wash colors such as reds, hot pinks, etc. Colors that may bleed if not washed first. Remember, always wash your clothing in cold water to preserve the vibrant colors. Tumble dry on medium heat for 15 minutes and then hang. Remember, if you have a top and bottom in the same color it is recommended to always wash the 2 pieces together. Washing will lighten the color of your clothing and washing one piece more often than the other will cause that piece to lose some of it's vibrant color and the 2 pieces will no longer match in color.

Never use any stain remover with any kind of cleaning agent such as Clorox  or whitening agents. Oxi Clean is the very best stain remover for clothing. It removes most stains, including oil, red wine and grease. If you get a stain on your clothing first wet the stain in cold water as soon as possible. After wetting the spot, spray the stained area with Oxi Clean. For tougher to get out stains such as grease and oil you can also use Oxi Clean granules. Simply sprinkle the granules on the stain. Never rub your stain. Run some cold water in the sink and soak your garment over night in the water. Never use warm or hot water. Simply follow the washing and drying instructions the next day. If the stain is still visible, simply follow the instructions again and most tough stains will be gone without taking the color out of your garment. Remember, never rub a stain. Stay away from citrus spills, toothpaste or any solution with whitening agents

Please enjoy your new clothing from Periwinkles. If you ever have a question with taking care of your clothing or any other questions please feel free to email us or call us at 920-818-0848.

Thanks for your support,
Your Periwinkles Team